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“This book of poems is like a big hug from Kerri. She speaks the truth about diabetes from a personal place of hope and warmth that will (or at least should) touch your soul. Even after all these years, Kerri is still kicking ass!” – William H. Polonsky, PhD, CDE

“I entered Kerri Sparling’s evocative world of diabetes-centric poetry, something of a skeptic. I mean, after my own 50-plus-years journey with type 1 diabetes, what new insights could I possibly learn? What untapped emotions could be left for me to feel? Then, I started reading the book. And immediately, I recognized my own frustrations, fears and fancies—many of them deep-rooted. And, depending on the particular poem, as I read I was either laughing or weeping, yet always swelling with pride. Thank you, Kerri, for your radical honesty and your creative courage! Thank you for equipping me with your clever, spot-on, beautiful verses—mighty weapons indeed against this insidious disease.” – Fran Carpentier, Joslin 50-Year Medalist; DCCT/EDIC participant; Member, Board of Directors of the JDRF Greater New York Chapter

“It’s not just the shots and the beeps, but also the emotional implications of both sometimes struggling and sometimes thriving with diabetes. This collection of poetry has it all, and it has the benefit of being able to take it wherever you go, without needing the internet to have that comforting hug and a quiet nod inside of your head with the knowledge that someone else gets it.” – Dana Lewis, PWD since 2002, OpenAPS founder

“Read on and let the poems be one more way to know others care about you and your diabetes.” – Korey Hood, PhD

“I laughed, cried, nodded and thought to myself, ‘I wish I could hug six-year-old Kerri.’ I absolutely loved it … the perfect blend of humor and pure, raw emotions.” – Cherise Shockley

“To you lucky readers, savor the words and emotions on the pages that follow. Imagine yourself in the moment, extracting every last bit of passion and meaning in Kerri’s poetry – sucking the straw until you catch air.” – Jeff Hitchcock, Founder and President of